Charles McGee

Originally posted May 2017.

If you’ve ever been to Detroit, you would be aware of the plethora of art tattooed across the city; murals, graffiti, sculptures. Charles McGee is a legend amongst artists in Detroit. A 92 yr old, who moved to Detroit at the age of 10, Charles McGee revealed his most recent piece, an 11-story mural. I repeat, A 92 YEAR OLD! 

I attended the reception held to celebrate his achievements. It also showcased some of his popular pieces. I was beyond overwhelmed and inspired. I was fortunate enough to briefly meet and chat with Charles, a very frail yet strong looking man seated on a wheelchair. He reminded me of my grandfather. Same age, still working. And not out of need, but a want. The fuel is still fresh. It’s almost out of necessity if not it’ll waste away. 


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