Manhattan Pt 1

This was originally posted November 2016.

So I recently went on a trip to NYC. I have visited the city a few times before, but had never experienced it as a full grown independent adult. I went with two other friends and decided to see New York the way the locals do. We stayed away from major tourist activities successfully! I think the most tourist thing we did was see Chicago on Broadway and maybe running into protesters in Times Square. 

We stayed in a Brooklyn apartment, spent a night in Williamsburg, spent most nights in Manhattan checking out piano bars, cigar bars, rooftop lounges, and speakeasies. I think we hit every district in lower and midtown in Manhattan.  

The first entry in this Manhattan series is about arguably the most important part of the trip; Fooooooood!! I ate so much and was so excited about the different cuisines that I only took pictures fifty percent of the time. From late night dinners at Chelsea Market to Brunch in Hell’s Kitchen, street food (hot dogs duh!!) to some grub from Chinatown. And of course, New York style pizza!!

List of Restaurants we tried:

Joe’s Pizza – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

44 ½ – Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

Doughnuttery – Chelsea, Manhattan

Los Tacos No. 1 – Chelsea, Manhattan

Bar Suzette – Chelsea, Manhattan

Two Boots Pizza – West Village, Manhattan

Xi’an Famous Food – Chinatown, Manhattan

Fraunces Tavern – Financial District


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