A Nigerian in Paris

Originally posted December 2017.

My sister and I decided to stop in Paris for a couple of days between our return trip from Nigeria back to the States. My sister insisted that she must buy her kids winter clothes from Europe. I’m not sure if the clothes are cheaper or warmer across the pond, but we sha ended up in Paris. It was also a nice break from the hectic and exhausting events we left behind in Nigeria (Grandpa’s funeral). The last time I was in Paris, I was about 12 years old. That’s way over a decade ago. So we decided to revisit some of the staple tourist attractions. 

By the end of the first day, I had fallen ill. Possibly from stress, possibly from the drastic change in weather. So by day two, I couldn’t do as much. I had to force myself to go outside. I figured I shouldn’t waste a day in Paris in my hotel room. Instead, I would deal with my sickness when I return to America.  

First and probably the only thing I have to say about the french is that they were all really nice to me. Very friendly and warm, the exact opposite of the weather we experienced. I think it’s because my sister and I actually attempted to speak french to those we encountered and were eager to learn the language. 

I noticed certain characteristics of Paris. From the French baroque architecture framing the city streets to the quaint cafes on each corner.

From the pigeon infested squares to crows sat on statues…they could be ravens. I honestly don’t know the physical differences between the two birds. *Takes a break to spend 2 hours on the black hole that is Wikipedia starting with crows and ravens.

From the Eiffel tower always peaking above and in between buildings to the Seine river and it’s many bridges.

From the fashionable beings treading above ground, those trying to make a living to the every day individuals commuting below the city.


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