Tulum: First Time in Mexico

Originally posted July 2017.

For 4th of July, I decided to take a break from the United States and visit Mexico for a few days. I took my brother along with me, because you know, who’s gonna take pictures of me? This was actually my first time ever in Mexico, so I was quite excited and nervous at the same time.

A few things stuck out to me:

1. Mexico reminds me so much of Nigeria, from the vegetation to the buildings, even the people. Some woman scolded me and called me “stupido” because SHE wasn’t paying attention and almost had an accident with my bicycle. The bicycles provided by our hotel was our mode of transportation, 90 % of the time

2. The water closet system is strange. They either don’t flush down toilet paper,  or the bathrooms don’t provide toilet paper. Still trying to figure that out.

3. Bargain and haggle so you don’t get ripped off. Another similarity with Nigeria

4. There was a thunderstorm over the ocean on our last night. Our restaurant was on the beach. All logic flew out with the violent winds as I thought a hurricane was approaching.

I feel like I need to give Tulum another go. Things didn’t really go as I had hoped, but I am thankful that my brother was there with me.


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