A Night With Femi Kuti

Originally posted August 2018.

When you score a free ticket to see Femi Kuti, Grammy nominated, world-renowned musician, son of music legend, Afrobeats pioneer and political activist Fela Kuti, you go. 

I watched in awe as this 56 year old danced, jumped, sang, played and engaged the eclectic crowd. The kind of crowd I have been anticipating to find in Detroit; young and old, of different races and ethnic backgrounds under one roof in harmony. Well, there was one instance in which this tall millennial African American man was about to fight a short baby-boomer Caucasian man. I honestly didn’t care for whatever the reason was behind the dispute, they weren’t about to ruin a positive night for the rest of us.

The concert ended around 11:15 pm. Femi decided to take pictures with everyone after the show. However, I had a 9 am interview the next morning and a 35 minute drive home so chose to leave right after the encore.

From the jovial movements of the musicians, and gyrating of his dancers in their glow in the dark tribal outfits, to his flawless continuous breath saxophone playing and politically driven lyrics, the vibe was energetic and positive. It was totally worth my weeknight. 

P.S: Someone remind to get a photo pass the next time I attend a concert. A very polite staff member approached me, and asked me to put away my camera lens with further explanation. So I had to use my cell phone. Which reminds me…I need a new cell phone. 


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