Happy 2 Years In Detroit

Originally posted July 2018.

I just realized that I have been living in Michigan for two years and a week. My feeling about this place has been sort of like an on and off relationship. Sometimes I see the potential and get excited about living here, other times I get bored, fed up, and left wondering what the end goal is. But there’s something about Michigan, particularly Detroit that keeps pulling me back. I can’t put my finger on it, but my gut is telling me to be patient and stick it out. I get this sense of purpose especially with my career and relationships, that my time here is going to bring about a major impact not only on myself, but the lives of others. I just wish I knew what that purpose is. Actually I wish I knew if my gut is right or if it’s just fear and the hassle of change that’s preventing me from leaving. 

Detroit is a very peculiar city given it’s rise and fall history. I have read countless articles about the multiple problems that plague this city. But yet, it has recently been given the name “The Comeback City”. This article from CNN goes into detail about the upward trajectory of Detroit https://money.cnn.com/2018/07/14/news/economy/detroit-entrepreneurship/index.html 

So maybe I came at the right moment, assuming this city does successfully rejuvenate itself.  To be honest, I do have a few career moves I have written down that would work perfectly in Detroit. Unfortunately, a current life event has taken the wind out of my sails leaving me drifting. So in the meantime, before I catch some wind, I’m trying to make sure I enjoy the blessings around me, maybe even catch some fish…alright, I’m done with the whole sea navigation metaphor. But you catch my drift, right? Okay, now I’m done, lol.


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