Moments in NYC

Originally posted April 2018.

New York City is one of my favorite cities in the country to visit. Brooklyn is usually my choice of location to stay. I find the flavor, characters and general atmosphere to be so distinct from the rest of the city. I get a sense of neighborhood and belonging. It’s a place where the strange and normal mix in so well like the perfect cocktail. And everyone’s so friendly contrary to popular belief. I’m the type of person that doesn’t mind getting into a conversation with a complete stranger. In fact sometimes I embrace it because I see it as a learning experience. How will America get passed its prejudices if we don’t take time to know our neighbors, to sit down and listen to all types of characters that make this country great? Everyone has an experience, a story for every minute they live that ends up defining their characters and way of thinking. I believe we all should take time to understand the perspectives of others before condemning their views, opinions and choices. Anyway, I digress. I had a lot on my mind that I needed a distraction, so I spent more time experiencing than documenting. 

I entered Central Park for the first time ever and I’ve visited the city at least 3 times prior. I’m a huge fan of romance and Central Park is probably Hollywood’s most romantic location. The view of the Plaza had me in my feels!

Also came across a group of people looking up at tree with so much awe. The crowd slowly got larger and larger as other curious minds were drawn to the congregation. I ask “What are we looking at?” as I search the tree. The man next to me replies, “It’s a rare bird sighting. The first of it’s kind to visit the park and third sighting in the state of New York”. A minute passes by as I then join in trying to spot the bird in the tree. “What are we looking at?”, a man on a bicycle asks me. He also then joins in looking for the bird, a kirtland warbler. And so on.


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