Next Steps

Originally posted June 2018.

A few days ago I was fired from my first post-collegiate big girl job. I kinda saw it coming too but I sure wasn’t expecting it. Like a pedestrian crossing the street while a car in the distance speeds up and hits them. There were signs for a month prior. And about a week before I got the news, HR with a practiced empathetic expression on her face suggested that I start to look for opportunities outside the company. I believe I cried each day after that meeting for a week up until I was let go. I dared not cry in that office as I faced my judgement. Instead I held my shoulders up, head high and walked out of the premises. I didn’t let a single tear drop until I drove off property. The tears were a sign of the realization. Holy Sugar Honey Ice Tea, it actually happened! Luckily, I already had a week to think ahead and figure out my next steps (one of the reasons I was let go was the perceived inability of me thinking ahead and creating plans…perceived by someone with whom I was not working directly). I digress.

While I was in London on my last trip, my friend in Detroit suggested that we go on vacation two weeks after my return. I think it was very timely that the vacation happen to fall on the day after I got fired. Perfect time to get away, clear my mind, relax and be at peace with God’s creation. 

We decided to drive up to Saugatuck on the border of lake Michigan. For those who don’t know much about the great lakes of America, these lakes are essentially landlocked freshwater seas, gigantic and so clear that sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the water from the sky.

The western border of the state of Michigan is also known for their massive sand dunes that tower over the shores of the lake. You get an amazing view of the surroundings.

The lake is towards the west, which makes the dunes a perfect spot to view the sunset. Unfortunately, by the time the sun was setting, the clouds came in and covered her up.

In this time that I’ve been given, the wisest thing for me is that whole cliche notion of discovering one’s self, mind, body and spirit. Obviously, I’m going to be on the job hunt because a girl gotta eat, but it’s a chance for me re-evaluate what it is that I want to do with this life I’ve been given. And it’s chance for me to do something about it. 

I had a plan in which I had time to figure out my next steps. I don’t know what God has in His plans for me. But I know that according to His will, those plans are good and all things will work out. In every negative situation, there is a blessing waiting to be exposed. It all depends on your attitude in the midst of it all.


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