2020 Vision (I know, such a predictable title)

Two months completed in 2020 and MY! OH!! MY!!! 2020 was a rough start! Literally walked into the new year fighting off bronchitis with the threat of homelessness in sight. The awareness of me being in my late twenties and single didn’t help my mental state either. Oh and I had been technically unemployed for almost a year. Whew! My self esteem was nonexistent, my insecurities ran wild. My confidence…ha! What confidence? If it weren’t for my commitment to serving at church, I would’ve avoided every single person I knew for the most part. I was utterly embarrassed!

I spent most of January and February in hiding. But I wasn’t in self-pity mode for majority of the time. By nature I’m a fighter and a planner. Through my faith in God and support from my family (Special shout out to my mother), I couldn’t, I wouldn’t and I didn’t let myself give up. What really gave me the boost was my church’s annual week of prayer at the beginning of January. I wrote down all the things I wished for on the prayer card and laid it on the altar. That week I attended every single evening prayer gathering surrounded by my spiritual family. I don’t think I had ever felt the presence of God in such an intense and vulnerable yet calm way. My tears of desperation gradually turned into tears of hope. And who knows if my card was picked up by an individual and prayed over? It didn’t matter. I felt God’s assurance.

So I bought myself a planner, wrote down my goals and dreams for the year and started working towards them. Since I’m already vulnerable at this point, so I will share a couple of my goals and dreams. Let’s cut to the chase…I’m tired of being single. It was fun in my early and mid twenties…fun-ish. But, I’m not here for it anymore. I have cliche aspirations of marrying my best friend, having children and growing happily old with my family unit. I’m not saying I need these things. It’s just what I want. Plain and simple. Moving on.

Being that this is actually a travel blog, I want to visit two new countries. I’m already saving up money for one of the trips that falls on my birthday. Click here for more information. Due to the Coronavirus threat, I’m considering changing my second trip option. In addition to my international voyages, I do want to hit up new places and explore new travel activities within the US. Summer in Michigan is going to be fun! And that’s all I will expose….for now. I can’t tell you guys everything.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Things are looking up! At this moment in time, one of my personal prayer requests has been answered. It was most likely number one on that prayer card. Regardless, I praised before the storm, through the storm and will continue to do so wherever I go. And honestly, God’s will be done! So here’s to all the travel content headed your way in the next few months and for the rest of the year. WOOHOO!!


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