Quarantine Chronicles: Community

Dropping off lunch for the guys at the fire station

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I ran away to Atlanta for the sake of my sanity. I was struggling mentally and spiritually while living alone during the Stay At Home Order in Michigan. Not only was I missing face to face interaction, I felt like my purpose had been taken away from me. I’m the type of person that finds gratification in serving and contributing to society. I find it in my profession as an automotive engineer and in my photography and travel hobbies. My mother had suggested me coming down a couple times before, but when she offered the opportunity to work at their homeless outreach I was more than willing. She works for a nonprofit organization that provides rehabilitation and housing for senior citizens and veterans. Due to the pandemic, they have expanded their relief to all homeless by providing daily snack/lunch packs. I decided to bring my camera along for documentation.

Setting up the table with the daily snack packs and bread
Practicing social distance
One of the homeless vets that actually sleeps just outside the building on the grounds
Captain (a veteran and one of the organization’s tenants ) picking up his meals
Ms. Melinda, a senior citizen picking up her meals
Dropping off meals at another tenant’s apartment
Jerome, a veteran. He was so ready for my camera!!
The women who run the organization also decided to buy lunch for the fire station nearby
One of the local churches donated a box of hand sanitizers

The community has been good to the organization. As a non government organization, they receive many donations from other charities and institutions. I’m glad to have the opportunity to be a part of the team albeit for a brief period. Community is such a big deal to me wherever I go. To be able to contribute in any form or manner is a privilege.



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