Quarantine Chronicles: Sunset at Grand Haven

Photo by Jaii Wave

I need to go back to Grand Haven! I need to go back when it’s not crowded with 4th of July vacationers. I need to go back when it’s not during a pandemic. I’m glad I went but to be honest, traveling to a popular destination during its peak season in the middle of a pandemic is so nerve-wracking. I tried to keep my distance as much as possible. I always stayed outdoors. My mask was hanging and ready to go whenever I felt it necessary.

At least the beach at Grand Haven State Park wasn’t as crowded as I imagined. It wasn’t even hard to find parking. I was able to find a spot on the sand with more than enough distance from other groups. Most people in the freezing water kept to their groups. That’s one of the many reasons why I will never fully embrace Lake Michigan beaches, as pretty as they are. The water is always too damn cold! Man, I miss the ocean! But the sense of summer was still in the air. Sunny skies, light breeze, bathing suits, ice cream etc. The vibe of this beach town was chill and relaxing. That is until a fight almost broke out on the beach between these kids in their early twenties. One of the guys actually expressed gratitude for not bringing his gun. I for one did not appreciate the “n word” being thrown around all loud and willy-nilly. Like, what in the ghetto!? “This is a place for families that drive Camrys and go to Disney“*.

I was only there for the afternoon and evening to watch the sunset. I specifically took a stroll on the pier where the Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light (an extremely long name for a lighthouse) is located just to catch the summer sunset. Since I was only there for a few hours, I didn’t get to see and appreciate the area around the beach with the shops and restaurants. I must say, the real estate in that area is such a vibe!! I have to go back!!

Shot by Jaii Wave

I absolutely love summer in Michigan. Maybe it’s because of the months spent in hibernation, the almost non existent spring, and the tolerable humidity. Maybe it’s the fresh water lakes that are everywhere. I love water! If weren’t for the pandemic, I would’ve already attended a couple day parties in downtown Detroit and thrown my own little event. On the flip side, because of the pandemic, I find myself outside exploring more open spaces; picnics in the park, exploring the Lake Michigan coast. I plan on going paddle boarding next on the lake nearby! Almost every other weekend is booked for local and regional travel. More on that topic on a later post. So, what have you been up to thus far this season? Leave a comment below!

*Lyrics from Childs Play, a song by Drake.


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