Been So Long

Oh hello there! My goodness, it has been somewhat of an eternity since I last laid my fingers on a keyboard to write a story. I believe where I last left you all was during quarantine chronicles. I was slowly making my way back into travel during the pandemic. On my last post, I wrote about my first baecation ever. I visited Siesta Key with my then boyfriend, now fiancé! Yes, your girl got engaged y’all!!! And since that trip a lot has happened in my life.

I finally got a stable job in my field of engineering with a company I actually enjoy! I had a pretty traumatizing experience with a company that hired me during the summer of 2021. And so long story short, I am grateful for this new job with which I received a pay raise and a flexible schedule. Look at God!

I have also visited two new countries, UAE and Costa Rica! I should probably write a blog post about each trip, right? More to come on that.

I started taking my content creating more seriously; working with brands on Instagram and re-launching my YouTube channel.

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, I got engaged to my love. And it has been a crazy ride since the proposal, from planning a wedding to attending pre-marital counseling to planning a future with somebody’s son…and also slowly becoming a step-mother. Yes, not only am I gaining a husband, I am also gaining an adorable 5 yr child.

Not going to lie, life has had some growing pains, but the blessings always outnumber the setbacks. Life is exciting that way, isn’t it? Anyways, it really is by chance that I decided to check in and write to my readers. Hopefully, not too many of you have forgotten about me. But I am in a much better place in my life and I would like to start sharing more of my adventures and lifestyle with you all.

Until next time, blessings!


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