Hey everyone!

It’s Tambari aka the USAfrican. I’m a Nigerian American who loves to learn about the world’s cultures. Luckily a lot of my hobbies including travel, photography, film, music, and cooking, enable me to engage in all types of cultures.

I have come across very interesting places and interesting people. I have learned very interesting things. I have also experienced very interesting things in my life. And so welcome to my blog where I share stories of the…interesting things that I come across.

One of my main goals with travel is to visit all 50 states of America. I’ve visited 21 so far in my life. I would like to revisit some of the those states for the purpose of documentation on the blog. Outside of the United States, I would also love to visit every continent! I have South America, Asia, Australia (or at least one of the islands of Oceania), and Antarctica. AND, as an African, I would LOVE to visit all the regions of the motherland.

I don’t have a set time frame for my travel aspirations. But I would at least like to visit a new destination each year. And as I journey, I do appreciate you stopping by my blog to learn a little about me.

Stay blessed and refreshed!

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