Hey everyone!

It’s Tambari aka the USAfrican. I’m a Nigerian American who loves to learn about the world’s cultures. Luckily a lot of my hobbies including travel, photography, film, music, and cooking, enable me to engage in all types of cultures.

I have come across very interesting places and interesting people. I have learned very interesting things. I have also experienced very interesting things in my life. And so welcome to my blog where I share stories of the…interesting things that I come across. When I travel, I usually am with people I love and any of these Great Cameras To Own.

Here’s a brief background on myself. I was born in London, England. I lived in Port Harcourt in Nigeria as a young child and spent the latter years of childhood in The United States of America. I started my adolescence in The Netherlands and by the time I was a teenager I was back in Nigeria. This time in Lagos. Then in my late teens I moved back to the States and I’ve been here ever since.

One of my main goals with travel is to visit all 50 states of America. I’ve visited 21 so far in my life. I would like to revisit some of the those states for the purpose of documentation on the blog. Outside of the United States, I would also love to visit every continent! I have South America, Asia, Australia (or at least one of the islands of Oceania), and Antarctica left. AND, as an African, I would LOVE to visit all the regions of the motherland.

I don’t have a set time frame for my travel aspirations. But I would at least like to visit a new destination each year. And as I journey, I do appreciate you stopping by my blog to learn a little about me.

Stay blessed and refreshed!

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