Bahamian Paradise

Originally posted January 2017.

My family and I went on a Christmas cruise to a few Caribbean islands including Key West, Florida, and Coco Cay Bahamas. These islands are so extremely beautiful. They’re pieces of paradise just a boat ride away from the States. Besides relaxing on the beaches, I went snorkeling and jet skiing in the incredibly blue warm waters. I personally am not a fan of staying on the cruise ship and there are days where you have nowhere to go as the ship is en route. It’s like being stuck in a hotel. No doubt, a pretty awesome hotel with great food, cheesy yet entertaining shows, and dance clubs. But I seldom go on vacation to just relax in a hotel all day. I like to go out and explore.

And about 15 minutes after I took this picture, I crashed my scooter and injured my self pretty badly. Apparently, according to my brother who witnessed the accident, I miraculously survived with the scrapes. This is why my mum hates whenever my brother and I go off on our explorations.


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