Manhattan Pt 3

Originally posted November 2016.

Of course we checked out the bar scene and one thing we noticed was that none of the places we went to played current music. It was the oddest thing. It wasn’t like we researched these venues. It was all random and spur of the moment choices. And all played music from the 80s and 90s. 

Now unfortunately I didn’t take pictures in some of the bars because I was too engulfed in the “experience”. And if I did, a lot came out blurry…for obvious reasons.

Here’s the list:

Le Bain (rooftop lounge w/ amazing gin and tonics and crepes) – Meatpacking District

Mulberry Project (a hard to find speakeasy…duh) – Chinatown

Hudson Bar and Books (a cigar bar) – West Village

Sid Gold’s Request Room (Piano bar) – Chelsea

George & Jack’s Tap Room – Williamsburg, Brooklyn (I know, it’s not Manhattan, but we met incredibly nice people there). Did I mention New Yorkers are friendly?


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