Quarantine Chronicles: Local and Regional Travel

I have a mini rant before I get to the point of this blog post. And seeing as this is a blog, my blog, these are my opinions. If you don’t agree, that’s cool. You can continue reading, skip this rant and proceed to the rest of the post, read a completely different post, or close the tab. Alright. Inhale. Here. We. Go! PRACTICE COMMON SENSE!!!! Unfortunately, common sense isn’t common. Human beings also act like sheep and follow without consideration or reason. It’s bizarre! Scenes of crowded bars, clubs and beaches while there’s a novel virus living it’s best life. Remember there isn’t any certain cure or vaccine. Y’all are really out there risking your lives (more importantly the lives of others) because I’m pretty sure proper hygiene is still not being practiced. No, people are stubborn, irresponsible and inconsiderate only caring about their rights! There are individuals walking around without masks, coughing and sneezing in their hands. Did I miss the memo where it’s been decided that the virus no longer exists? Is that what it is? People are flocking to crowded areas without masks in the middle of a pandemic. And why are people so against wearing masks? Throwing fits like children. If an establishment mandates the wearing of a face mask, respect their policies and wear the damn mask! If you feel uncomfortable, go to another establishment! Imagine being upset that an area is smoke free and then you make a fuss about constitutional rights. Or whining on Facebook that you got fined for not wearing the seat belt while driving. Imagine going on twitter to complain about someone who asked for your shoes to be removed in their house. Maybe it’s the Nigerian in me, but the entitlement is DISGUSTING!!! Why can’t we as a people come together to try and reduce the rate of spread until there is a proven cure or vaccine available to ALL. Imagine not caring about a flu outbreak. At least doctors can intentionally fight the flu. They’re still figuring out this virus. I’ll stop here, because I can go on and on. And this is the only safe space for me to vent…Facebook is filled with a bunch of whiny adults, and I DO NOT condone negative energy on my IG.


So, the world has tried reopening, but travel isn’t the same. A lot of the world isn’t welcoming American residents. I wonder why? What you can do is travel locally and regionally. There are a hidden gems everywhere! That’s what I’ve been doing in Michigan and Georgia. Before I left Michigan, I drove a couple hours to the Silver Lake State Park for some peace of mind. While in Georgia, I drove to the Amicalola State Park to hike the beginning of the Appalachian trail!

Amicalola falls is the tallest waterfall in Georgia. There are three places to view the falls, and three ways to reach the top. One can drive all the way to the top where you can park your car and view the mountain range and the water fall. This is the least exciting method, but has the second best view of the waterfall, the top. This also provides the least amount of physical exertion on the body. The second way to get to the top is to hike through a trail away from the waterfall. This is the route my brother and I took up the mountain. It makes for an exciting trip, as the hike itself is quite strenuous. But the views of the mountain range as you elevate make the physical demands worth it. Although you can hear the water, you don’t get to see the waterfall until you reach the top which also happens to be the beginning of the Appalachian trail. Then you can walk down the stairs to catch the best view of the waterfall. Lastly, the third route is half nature hike half staircase. Basically, you find yourself walking along the waterfall. Halfway through is a midpoint, the best view. Around this point is where the stairs begin. It’s not as strenuous as walking through the trail.

You’ve always been able to go outside. It’s just how to go outside responsibly within jurisdiction that you must figure out. I can help with that. Here are three simple tips to successfully travel locally and regionally within comfort.

  1. Avoid peak times which is usually anytime from 11 am to 5 pm. Because it’s summer, you want to skip these times to avoid the high temps. Also most places aren’t as crowded outside of peak times, which means less traffic or most importantly lower risk of spread.
  2. Avoid crowded places. For every popular dense beach, there is a quieter and sparse section a couple minutes walk away. I’ve never liked crowded beaches. I don’t understand the appeal. Or you can drive a few miles further and there will be a less populated and polluted beach. Same goes for parks, restaurants, and bars. I understand that popularity usually means good. But that’s not the case in most of times. Take for instance the music played on the radio vs indie and underground music. Hole in the wall restaurants and bars are known to usually have better food and drinks for lower prices too.
  3. Seek out hidden gems. That’s my main focus for the rest of the year. Hidden gems are hidden, meaning they are not crowded with annoying people. Hidden gems are gems, meaning they are valuable and worth visiting.

3 responses to “Quarantine Chronicles: Local and Regional Travel”

  1. I hear you my fellow adventurer. I get stiff neck shaking my head everytime I’m outdoors. California is most infected but many are not wearing mask and are just gathering from beach days to restaurant outdoor dining to parties . And we wonder , “ why are the numbers increasing? “ it’s attitude and behavior. Freedom is more important than humanity’s survival for many from leaders to its citizens . Thank God for nature otherwise this is crazy. Stay safe.


    1. It’s really crazy to witness! I actually read a quote from a woman in public health in Georgia, “We don’t know exactly what’s causing this huge spike, but it does seem to be around the holidays and when everything opened up a lot more,”…
      You’re right, thank God for nature. Honestly, I’m glad I’m a nature person. Open spaces, low risk and honestly, low cost! Anyways, you stay safe as well!!

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