Fun Times in Quintana Roo

Originally posted October 2018.

So it’s my second time in Mexico, second time in the state of Quintana Roo. Last year, I spent a few days in Tulum with my brother. This year, I was in Cozumel and Costa Maya for a day each with my family.  We pretty much spent majority of our time in Costa Maya on the beach.

I decided to go for a little adventure in Cozumel. This was my second time going scuba diving. The first time was a few years ago in St. John, US Virgin Islands. While I absolutely love the experience of being able to breathe underwater and explore the ocean floor, this time around I had somewhat of an awful time. I woke up with a cold and slight headache that morning. As we descended into the ocean, the worse my head hurt. Halfway through, I actually wanted to swim back to the surface due to the discomfort.



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