In The Clouds

Originally posted August 2018.

I have been told that I can be too optimistic. I have been called naive. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. My head is up in the clouds. 

Knowing my own personal journey, I have to keep my head in the clouds and be optimistic. I have experienced life issues that brought me down to earth to face realism. Those were my darkest years. Having to accept the impartiality of this world. 

But thank God for redemption. Thank God for reminding me of this thing called faith. How can one say they have faith and not be optimistic? With faith, you’re expected to believe and hope that something good is to come without any evidence. There’s no space for hoping for the best, expecting the worst and then accepting the mundane. That’s a tragedy as far as I’m concerned. 

I was taught to have the faith of a mustard seed. That the sky is the limit. And so excuse me while I have my head up in the clouds in the midst of limitless possibilities. The air is crisp. Plus the view is great. You give yourself the chance to get a full scope of situations. To me that’s knowledge and wisdom. 

And so when I get back down to earth, I am prepared. Even for the unexpected. I’m currently living an example of that. In this post I talked about how I lost my job. I wasn’t expecting it. But I believe it’s the optimist in me that has prepared me for this period. I am fully aware of the reality of consequences, but I am hopeful. 

I was not created to accept what life offers me. No! For one, I’m an Igbo girl. Its in my blood to bargain. Two, I’m a Christian. I have faith. And faith does not accept what the world brings me. Its a fight for what I’ve worked for and deserve. 

So be aware of the worst, work towards the best, hope for the best, expect the best. 


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